License Review

License Review

Quantum IT Solution’s consultants are Oracle product stack experts who have experienced the evolution of Oracle, dating back to the 90′s. Throughout the maze of the 1000′s of products that make up the Oracle product stack, we can recommend the right product that fits the unique requirements of our clients, to ensure they run their business more effectively and gain a solid return on investment.

Oracle Licence Management
Our in-depth understanding of Oracle’s past and current licensing agreements, business practices and price lists enables us to make valuable recommendations. Oracle license definitions and rules change constantly and managing what you own and how it applies to today’s model can be a daunting task. We advise on maximising license entitlements to servers, which allows us to deliver significant savings and avoid the risk of exposure.

Our consultative approach has lead to clients realising considerable cost savings running into the hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars per year

We will share our knowledge
Our experience has shown that IT organisations do not have time to stay abreast of Oracle licensing changes. The Oracle licensing model can be a complex monster for the uninitiated!
Procurement managers have many products to understand and manage.
So why not allow Teknologix’s Oracle license review service to assist your organisation in handling incoming requests for Oracle licenses and help you to explore all the options available.

We are experts in providing advice to guide organisations through the Oracle audit process

Oracle Profile Analysis
A global view of an organisations Oracle license entitlements’ is a necessity to maximising the investment. We have been creating and customising Oracle profiles for small businesses to Fortune 500 across all industries. We keep records of Oracle transaction details and supply customers with a portfolio summary for both current and past purchases. This allows organisations to have the most up-to-date profile and snap shot of what they own. When hardware is retired or applications de-commissioned, we can easily identify licenses that become available and can be allocated to new projects.
Support Consolidation
Are you tired of managing multiple support renewal contracts each year? We work with Oracle to streamline maintenance into a plan that works within your budget timeframe. Our Oracle license review will enable your organisation to save on administration costs and spend less time processing renewals.